ARK Automotive has turned green!

No we are not talking about all the rain- although how good is the rain?!?

We are talking about our Green initiatives. Many would think a mechanical workshop is not a very green place to be, but at ARK Automotive we want to challenge that. Over the past 12 months we have looked at the way we do things to make ourselves more eco-friendly.

Bins: there can be a lot of waste running a business in our case most of the waste is cardboard. Since purchasing a paper bin we have dropped our landfill collections from once a fortnight to once a month! We are also trialling a coffee pod collection bin and a soft plastic bin in February.

Technology: We have swapped our search engine from Google to Ecosia. Ecosia are a company which plants a tree for every search you do. In the month of January all searches went toward planting a tree in NSW, Australia. they have planted 83 million trees worldwide to date and this only creeps up and up and up!

For more information about the work Ecosia do click here.

Car Washing: your complimentary wash and vac have become even better. The water is rainwater collected from Anthony’s parent’s garage roof (thank you parentals!)

Lighting: We have swapped out the old globes on all of our lights for environmentally friendly alternatives, which last longer and shine brighter so we can fix your cars with ease!