Automotive repairs regarded as an essential service

Automotive Repairs and Maintenance are regarded as essential services at this time. Generally keeping a vehicle maintained or serviced or having repairs, when needed, assists its reliability and safety as well as being in a roadworthy condition. If your car is not operational you may have to use public transport or not be able to travel when needed.

We are open. Dropping off or collecting your car is a reasonable excuse to travel.

We have recently been asked are we still open and can customers bring their vehicles down to the workshop. Our understanding is that we an essential service and to drop the vehicle off and collect  is a reasonable excuse to travel. To that end we have provided below the latest instruction we have received.

If you are an at risk customer because of age or other health reasons, we can (by arrangement) do a pick up and drop off service within around 10kms of the workshop (at no extra charge) with virtually no contact with you other than the collection of the car key.

We clean the touch points on the car including door handles, steering wheel, handbrake, indicators and operational buttons and switches before and after the repair and maintenance.

We clean the touch points on the car including door handles before and after the repair and/or maintenance of your car.

TESTING, INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION SERVICES- Coronavirus (COVID19) update received by ARK Automotive from RMS.

This information explains how current laws concerning the Coronavirus outbreak apply to businesses undertaking the following government services: Safer Drivers Course, Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme, Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Scheme, Older Driver Assessor Driving Instructors, Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme, Authorised Inspection Stations, accessing government services.

New laws took effect on 31 March 2020 which require people to remain at home unless they have a reasonable excuse such as travelling to work or shopping for food. Those laws also provide that a person may leave their house to use a public service whether the public service is provided by the government or by a service provider (such as you) on behalf of government. Transport for NSW considers the services listed above to be important public services which your customers may still lawfully access. You may continue to run your business.